What is an investment?


A financial investment is an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation.

The term is used most commonly in reference to finances and money. But it can also be done with other kinds of resources. For example land, machinery or even gold.

This is how it works for you. It's also how it works for banks.

The bank invest in different companies´ shares and other securities. The bank is able to do so, because they have access to your money and your trust to put them into different funds.

The bank will spread your money into different funds as they see fit. This is where the interesting part starts! Because depending on where the bank put your money - different things can grow and prosper.

It's exactly here Ella makes you change the world. Until now, the bank has been the one in charge of where your money sleeps. But with Ella, you have the power to decide for yourself. You are able to make your money favor companies that helps the climate, have sustainable values and a fair gender balance on the board.

Decide for yourself! Ella can help you.

Ella Ella