This is why men earn more than women.


“This leaves us with a 7 percent wage gap, impossible for the statistics to explain.”


Women attend more qualified education than men, and have attend higher education on average than men. But that has not affected the wage gap women are still earning less than men. In practice that means that men get a higher return on investment from their education, compared to women.

Of course some of the parts on unequal pay can be explained by areas of work, profession, working hours and years of experience. The Central Bureau of Statistics in Sweden (SCB) did what they do best and came up with some statistics. If the differences are removed as reasons for the gender wage gap, women's wage amounts to 93 percent of men’s wage.

This leaves us with a 7 percent wage gap, impossible for the statistics to explain. Some critics to these types of research point to the predisposition of men to negotiate more aggressively earlier on in their careers, hence leading to an eventual gap when comparing equal roles. But can this only be it? Measurements from the SCB, also states that men more often than women holds supervisory positions, which provides them with higher salaries. The term pay discrimination tries to outline the fact that men and women can have different wages although they are performing equal or equivalent work.

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