Our beautiful world.

The average temperature is rising, ecosystems are changed and people risk floods, dried crops and natural disasters.

The investments made today will affect how the world will turn out further. Reducing emissions is necessary, both for the environment and for combating poverty in the world.

Banks are investors in a variety of companies, projects and states, they play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, banks should ensure that their investments comply with international agreements to slow down and stop global warming.

  • Banks must move investments from fossil fuels to renewable energy and ensure that companies invest in measuring and reducing their emissions.

  • Banks must also take a clear stand against the worst emissions, such as coal power and oil sand. Furthermore, banks have to measure and openly report the investment´s climate footprint.

Banks are able to do this, but they don't.

Ella puts the power back in your hands! Because you know what? They are dependent on your money. When you decide to put your money in the same cup as your values, cool things will happen.

Ella Ella