Girl, you should own more.

Women are pretty good at saving money. But they keep their money at a regular bank account with zero rate.

Right now, men own a lot more shares than women do. We already know that women earn less than men. That's a fact and something we should all be fighting. But since men also put their money where they grow more, the gap gets even wider.

Even the shares that women do own, tend to have lower risk than the ones that men tends to buy. The trend shows that women are drawn to shares in more stable companies and men to smaller growth companies.

Why is this?
A fair assumption could be that women aren't very familiar in how stocks work.

A lot of the language and methods for shares and economy overall, can be perceived as a lot harder and more advanced that it actually is. Feeling like a beginner and rookie is tough. Asking someone for help can be ever tougher.

A share, is owning a small piece of a company. You invest money in that company. If the company goes well and earn money, you earn money too. You don't have to put a big amount of money anywhere, if you don't want to. It's possible to start in a small scale and learn more step by step.

Dare to be a beginner. And start talking about this with your friends!