F**k Off Money.


“Not all eggs in one basket”

Meaning: Don’t put all your money on the same thing. All investments comes with a risk. If you put all your money on the exact same thing, they all carry the same risk = not smart.

Money is power. But in many ways money is also freedom, independence and possibilities. Having a buffer of your own, creates windows for change and for new beginnings.

A buffer is not for free. It comes with devotion and persistence. At first it might seem like a high mountain to be climbed, but for every step, the buffer will grow. Don’t forget why you are saving.


Save money. Do it in the beginning of the month when everything is happy-clappy.

Spread your risk. For example regular bank account, shares and funds.

By investing some of your money, they have the chance to grow faster than at a regular bank account. But the possibility is also the opposite - which is why “not all eggs in one basket” applies.

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