No weapons, no war.


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Armed conflicts is a threat and a reality for a large part of the world's population.

The weapon industry is extremely intransparent and has major problems with corruption. By investing in the weapon industry, banks risk being linked to serious human rights violations and illegal wars. International agreements and national laws rarely prohibit banks from investing in weapon trade or production.

#notowar #worldpeace #globalgoals

If a bank still decides to invest in the weapon industry, another degree of ensuring comes along. Some weapons are illegal, for example cluster weapons, because they are just too cruel to be used at all. There is also an imminent risk that the weapons end up in the wrong hands, for example in countries that violate human rights and who are involved in armed conflicts.

Now you might wonder - isn't armed conflict, pretty much exactly the same thing as using weapons in a conflict? And, if there were no weapons, there wouldn't be any armed conflicts?

Yes  - that's correct.

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