Will I be able to get a higher financial return with Ella?

How the value of an investment changes is represented by a “rate of return”.

A high return means that the value is increasing, and a low return means that the value is not growing as much - if at all. And of course a negative rate of return is, well, not great as Warren Buffett might say.

Changes in the return levels happens over time and the result can go both ways. No one can ever guarantee that the value will grow, stay the same, or decrease. There are patterns and structures to be aware of and that expert investors use, but when it really comes down to it, the average person simply doesn’t have the time, interest, or experience to expertly navigate these waters.

Ella can’t guarantee or promise better financial returns, but that’s ok because that’s not her raison d’etre. What Ella can guarantee is that the financial products she offers to you are tailored closely to your values and beliefs - and that goes beyond in simply making more money.

Ella wants you to recognize and accept your choices and financial decisions. Instead of just saying you believe in sustainability, she wants you to prove it with your choice of product and how you choose to invest your money.

It’s easy to say that you believe in the environmental legislation that restrict pollution, but what if you were asked to choose between investing in an environmental product that offered a smaller financial return than one that wasn’t environmentally friendly? Would you still choose to be a flower child, or will your inner Gordon Gecko win out?

Only when we begin to recognize and truly own our respective choices as consumers, we can start to affect real change towards a better and more sustainable economic future.

Ella Ella