Coming up - The Swedish general election



9th of September

In a few days, the general election in Sweden will take place. Along the streets there are pictures of politicians smiling, claiming and thirsting for your vote. There are a bunch of messages telling you different things.

Politics can be hard to understand. But it's also very uncomplicated and close to heart. Whatever the messages might be, you have some things that you believe in that cannot be contested by others. Regardless if those things are about economy, human rights, health or maybe independence - these things represent your core values. Take good care of them and always trust in them. Some political parties are closer to your core values than others. Politics, therefore, is a lot easier if you listen inwards and then search for a match among the political parties.

Your vote is your voice. Ella is all about making values count and let you decide for yourself.

Try out what you think by the links below.
They can give you a hint of where your values lean. Run through a few because of course they are all biased in some direction.

Valkompassen SVT

Valkompassen TT


Valkompassen Metro