How it all works.


Does the concept of “personal finance” worry you and make you break out in cold sweats? Does it feel weird talking about money with your friends - or worse yet - you parents? Do you feel like you should know more than you do, but every article you read or app you download makes it seem even more confusing?


Ella does not judge your starting point. She is not here to even influence or encourage you to invest in certain things over others. She will not question your decisions, your emotions or your struggles. But she understands and she can provide you with options; for you to decide for yourself.

For the banks and the companies who benefit from your money, it's really great that you feel awkward talking about savings and bank accounts with your friends. Your insecurity means that they have leverage over you and you will continue to try and steer you in placing your money where they want it and where it suits them best - not you.

But since Ella does not care about anything else other than providing you with transparent information, the power has shifted. The power is now in your pocket. Her hope is that you will use that power to change and save the world. It sounds harder than it really is, because in fact we’ve already started!

By using Ella  you can connect your needs and basic values with long-term perspectives that make a difference not just for you as an individual, but also for the greater global good.

Exclude what is not compatible with your values!
Include human rights, sustainable development and a healthy world.