Google fined 4,3 billion for antitrust violations.

It was just made official that Google will be fined 4,3 billion euro by the EU for Android antitrust violations. The European Commission says Google has abused its Android market dominance.

Simply, Google has made it a lot easier for their own products and a lot harder for other companies, to be reached by Android users. The EU wants to stop Google from continuing to do this and this fine is a consequence of this.

Market dominance means that Google is dominating the Android market. They "rule the Android world" and can easily keep all the competitors away, just by making it impossible for them to work. This isn’t very fair. Without competition, one or a few companies becomes extremely powerful.

This is also the case with many banks and the banking industry in general. A few big banks employ a disproportionate amount of power and control over a huge amount of money and they are arguably almost untouchable.

Until now. Because when people begin to take notice and everyone uses their bit of influence as consumers and customers, slowly changes  can be made and the power structures can be changed!