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What if your values, goals, and needs had a voice? Would you use that voice to challenge current structures?

Awareness is the first step towards making a change. It can be difficult to find information you can trust, especially when it’s presented in tricky financial terms. Until now, the banks have been able to use your money pretty much however they’ve wanted.

If you got to decide, would factors such as environmental impact, gender equality, and sustainable values affect which bank you chose to do business with?

The things that banks invest often in, can thrive and flourish. Guns and tobacco or human rights and renewable energy – the power is in your pocket. Or, more accurately, in your bank account.

Sustainable and healthy economic consumption doesn’t have to involve a choice between profit and charity. When you invest your money in ways that are compatible with your values, the change begins.

Ella helps you understand what your money is doing when you can’t see it.

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