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Happy birthday Ella!


Ella helps you save and invest your money for a sustainable world. By choosing financial products based on your values and investment priorities, you can influence how banks operate.

Your money begins a journey the moment you decide to open a bank account. The bank will use your money to invest in different companies and projects. Until now, banks have been able to use your money for whatever investments they’ve wanted, and this has been beyond your control.

With Ella, you ultimately decide where your money ends up, and factors such as a bank’s stance on environmentalism, gender equality, and sustainable consumerism can all be part of this decision.

You have the power to create change – Ella makes it easy. Save the world, one small transaction at a time.

Use Ella for:

  • Rating and reviewing banks’ ethical practices

  • Opening savings and mutual fund accounts

  • Learning about investments in general and realizing your power as a customer

  • Understanding the impact of your money and its effect on the world

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